Arrival & Overnight Stay

Arrival is possible from Saturday the May 27th, 2023, afternoon.
(Please refer Saturday-Goodie!)
(Please don’t arrive earlier!)

Outside the urban park on the marked areas.
• Parking Space  #1 (parking ground in the south, green space Wilhelm-Liebknecht-Straße)
• Parking Space  #2 (parking ground in the north, to the left and to the right from the old goods station (dilapidated building directly at the train station))

Different from previous years: Camping is prohibited in the urban park (“Anlagen”); it’s only allowed at the Parking Space #1 (Wilhelm-Liebknecht-Street) !!! 
Therefore, please camp SPACE-SAVING and do not build large camps!

Here can you see an overview of the area and can plan your trip.
Click the marked objects!