Barth open-air stage: The temporary stage is ready built…

The open-air stage is dead – long live the open-air stage Barth … We can’t (yet) celebrate the whole thing quite so euphorically – the Pentecost weekend with “Pfingsten live!” and our LOST BMOA seems to have been saved for now – but we’re still waiting with unrestrained outbursts of joy until the opening of… Continue reading Barth open-air stage: The temporary stage is ready built…

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Bands 2023

IMMANE (DE) Black Metal, Death Metal FIRN (DE) Glacial Pagan Metal FIMBULVET (DE) Pagan Metal, Folk Metal SCITALIS (SE) Black Metal RUNENWACHT (DE) Pagan Metal ISTAPP (SE) Melodic Black Metal, („True Blekingsk Black Metal“) SKALFAR (DE) Black Metal

The BMOA Website

We are back! Strictly speaking, we weren’t even gone – only the website was dead for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the update mania of the webhost collided with our strategy “Never touch a running system” … 😉 We hope that you weren’t too worried and that some important informations were still leaked out to you.… Continue reading The BMOA Website

SCITALIS – Black Metal from Sweden at BMOA 2023

Dear friends, it begins! Today I can announce the first band of the LOST BMOA 2023 to you. The members come to us to “Swedish Western Pomerania” from the far north of Sweden, more precisely from Umeå and bring their hateful Black Metal with them! Look forward to SCITALIS !!!

Mini-BMOA 2023

Dear BMOA fans! Please safe the date: Pentecost-Sunday, May 28th, 2023 we will celebrate a little BMOA. We are currently negotiating with the bands and will certainly be able to announce the first bands soon! So be ready for a small BMOA to support the renovation of the open-air stage so that we can hopefully… Continue reading Mini-BMOA 2023

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The future of the Barth’s open-air stage

Is the end of the open-air stage approaching? For years the problem was more or less ignored (except for a small emergency repair) – and now it’s getting worse: the Barth open-air theater urgently needs to be renovated, which, however, causes immense costs. Of course, the first votes of “uppers” of the city get loud… Continue reading The future of the Barth’s open-air stage

LOITS -Estonian Metal at BMOA 2022

LOITS -Estonian Metal at BMOA 2022 As a replacement for Order of Nosferat, Estonian flak’n’roll band LOITS will play at the BMOA. It will be her first appearance in Germany in a long time! We hope to have found a worthy replacement. Order your tickets quickly at

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