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We are back!

Strictly speaking, we weren’t even gone – only the website was dead for a few weeks. Unfortunately, the update mania of the webhost collided with our strategy “Never touch a running system” … 😉 We hope that you weren’t too worried and that some important informations were still leaked out to you.

It was more important than the BMOA website to find a few bands for the “Lost BMOA 2023” at such short notice. (More about this in a moment.)

Normally we always have a few days more time for this. But this year, instead of our beloved open-air stage, there will probably only be a construction zone in the park (“In den Anlagen”) at the usual summer BMOA time. That’s why it’s already going to be dark, hard, loud & metallic at Pentecost.

One can only hope that the sooner the open-air stage would be teared down, the sooner it shines in new splendor.

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