The future of the Barth’s open-air stage

News von der Freilichtbühne

Is the end of the open-air stage approaching?

For years the problem was more or less ignored (except for a small emergency repair) – and now it’s getting worse: the Barth open-air theater urgently needs to be renovated, which, however, causes immense costs.

Of course, the first votes of “uppers” of the city get loud to simply tear the theatre down without replacement for precisely these cost reasons. These – sorry – “culture-philistines” dream of a “Jühlke-Park” – in honor of the garden teacher, garden book author and garden designer Ferdinand Jühlke (1815-1893).

Yesterday, January 12th, 2023, there was a discussion on the problem with the district administrator, the city-president and the mayor in the community center.

Today followed a contribution in the Nordmagazin of the TV station NDR MV. There it says:
“Can the dilapidated open-air stage in Barth be saved? The condition of the event stage is poor. In the Vineta community center, usage and renovation concepts have now been discussed.” The video (NDR media library) is available until January 13, 2025, 7:30 p.m.