Schrat canceled – Blood Red Fog confirmed for BMOA 2022

Hello dear BMOA fans!
Today we have bad news, but also good news!
First the bad news: Unfortunately we have to cancel SCHRAT’s gig because there are problems within the band and it’s not certain whether SCHRAT will be able to play live again until August.
That’s why we decided to postpone the gig to the BMOA 2023.
But we have already found what I believe to be a worthy replacement.
They were supposed to play at the BMOA in 2020, but that wasn’t possible thanks to the “pandemic”.
Now it will (hopefully) work.
They come from the home of good Black Metal: Finland and play raw, original Black Metal that sometimes drifts into the melodic.
In 2020 her last album came out, which got quite good reviews!
Cheer up


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