Wolfskrone at BMOA 2022

Hello dear BMOA fans!
The signs of the times are currently not good for the psyche and soul in any respect.
One wonders whether it makes sense to plan anything at all in view of the events in Eastern Europe.
I really hope that EVERYONE will finally calm down and THINK instead of shooting (with weapons or actions or words!)!
I don’t want to go into more detail at this point. Only so much: We are mighty pissed off. First Corona and now DAS in combination with Corona…..

Despite these adversities, I would like to introduce you to another band for the BMOA 2022 today!
The band comes from Eastern Europe, more precisely from Estonia.
After the success of the two Estonian bands at the BMOA in 2021, it was obvious to continue looking for good bands there.
And we found it!
They play black metal, but it also has influences from death metal!
Rough, dark, melancholic, mystical…
That’s how you could describe the music.
Look forward to:


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