MOIN dear BMOA fans!
Times are getting crazier.
Politics spreads discord and division right into circles of friends and families!
The result is resignation, anger, fear and depression.
In my opinion, you need a ray of hope from time to time, something beautiful, something positive that you can cling to.
And that’s exactly what I want to give you today.
As a “tuning” to the weekend, so to speak.
Today I would like to announce another band for the BMOA 2022.
For a few years, the band’s live performances were very rare and there were no live gigs.
I am all the more delighted that they have accepted.
Their raw, hard Black Metal will rip the open-air stage to shreds and wash our ear canals free!
They will have their latest album with them! Look forward to this band from southern Germany!
Cheer up

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