Corona Rulez for Camping 2021

Dear BMOA visitors 2021!
Today I would like to give you some important information about corona rules when camping!
There the regulation for campsites in MV applies, which we unfortunately have to adhere to!
The following applies:
1. Access to the campsite ONLY with a valid BMOA ticket!
2. Access only for:
– People with an official negative test (NO self-test)
– twice vaccinated (2nd vaccination at least 14 days ago or 22 days single vaccination at Johnsson & Johnsson)
Vaccinated people can still be contagious or POSITIVE! Actually, we would have liked to have done it like Sweden, where EVERYONE has to have a negative test. So if you, as a vaccinated person, voluntarily bring a negative test with you, you would be very fair and show solidarity!
– Recovered genes with proof (max. 6 months old)

A distance of 3 METERS (!!!) must be kept between the tents.
You will be assigned a campsite, which will then also be used according to the specifications!
Please bring tents of normal usable size! Please NO giant tents, where only 2 people will sleep in there. Otherwise we will have massive space problems. Please be FAIR !!! The tent sites are allocated according to the time of arrival, please understand that we cannot reserve tent sites. If you want to stand next to each other, please arrive at the same time!
It will be very stressful on Thursday, we ask for your understanding and patience!
We didn’t make up these rules. Please understand our situation.
Believe us, we’ve already had a few sleepless nights and a few nervous breakdowns.
If you ALL help, we can celebrate a nice BMOA under these lousy circumstances and set an example! But that can only be done TOGETHER!

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