Barther Metal Open Air 2021

Hello dear BMOA friends!

Snowy greetings from the Baltic Sea. We haven’t heard from us for a long time, we’re sorry.

Unfortunately, there wasn’t much to report. Our government has provided enough for bad news.

But today we would like to give a sign of life from ourselves. The shock paralysis of November / December has subsided somewhat.

As already mentioned when the BMOA 2020 was canceled, we are planning our BMOA for August 19-21, 2021.

We continue to hold on to it and sincerely hope that we can see it through.
The time will tell. Let’s all keep our fingers crossed, please.
Tickets are still available in the webshop, as are our cult “FUCK Corona Shirts” and the BMOA Brotherhood (Supporter) Shirts! So if you don’t have a ticket / shirt etc., you can order one here:

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