IMPALED NAZARENE – Headlining Saturday at the BMOA 2019

Today we present you the headliner on saturday, 17.08.2019 at the BMOA:

Whoever had to deal with the second Black Metal wave could not get past IMPALED NAZARENE.
These Finns had released two albums, “Tol Cormpt Norz Norz Norz” and “Ugra Karma,” which are bursting with blasphemy.
After that, Mika Luttinen and Co. went a bit more dignified, but no less snotty and provocative.
Well, after almost 30 years of band history, they are finally in Barth on the stage, not only to tease you “Suomi Finland Perkele”.
Look forward to a fancy show of impaled Nazarenes !!
But now fast tickets in the VVK for only 55,00 Euro incl. Camping / Park order!

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