Important notice about Train-Travel to BMOA


Hello BMOA visitors which come with train to Barth and are readers of LEGACY MAG,
We do not know where and how the writer Manuel Stein has researched and how such statements can go unchecked into a big magazine like the Legacy. That is why we have to do something right here.
It is right that the railway organization wants to close the route Stralsund-Barth and Velgast-Barth in 2018.
2018 and NOT this year!
Not 2017!
This is, however, just a planning that has not yet been established.
The station, which is about five minutes’ walk from the Festival grounds, will be NOT a ghost station this year.
Everything remains in 2017 as it is and how it was.
What is going to happen from 2018 is not known yet . The Barther citizens and all those who have something to do with the town fight for the preservation of the railway, since it is also important for tourism.
A petition was also launched. Who would like to be able to participate:

So please don´t trust in everything a magazine publishes! It´s no problem this year to travel by the train to the BMOA. You will arrive and find out that everything is the same. Horns Up!
Your BMOA crew

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