BMOA 2014

Hello everyone, soon the BMOA will open its gates from the 15th – 17th August again!
 In order for everything to run smoothly here are the most important facts. First of all we have different parking areas this year. Parking area 2 from last year, the one at the rails, can’t be used anymore. The city gave us three different areas, right around the festival area. Check the map to see where the new areas are located.

Please notice that it is forbidden to camp at the parking areas!
 In addition we want to remind you of point 1 of our festivalrules: “POLITICS
The BMOA is no platform for extreme political opinions. Therefore, don’t wear t-shirts or patches which express such opinions. We will exclude guests that wear t-shirts/patches of unconstitutional organizations/parties or political extremist bands from the festival and camping areas. The same amounts to playing political extremist music such as NSBM on the camping area as well as shouting slogans.”

Should you notice a violation of this rule, as well as people using fireworks or abusive use of fire accelerant, please report this at the ticketshop at the entrance immediately.
 We are looking forward to celebrate once again the biggest event that takes place at the Barther open air theatre.

 Greetings from Heiko and the BMOA crew.

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